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2 Million Readers in India by 2025!

Come Join Hands! Reading is the best gift we can give our children. English is a global language and the best way to prepare your child to lead this world is to make him/ her an avid reader.

Asma Zaidi

Become a Let's Read Trainer

Join us and take Let's Read to your country.

Let's Read can be implemented by teenagers, mothers, teachers or counselors who use Let's Read Phonics to teach. However, Let's Read Trainer has to be an experienced teacher who has used the program for atleast a year. Any person who cpmpletes the online training will be able to help children build:
  1. Phonological Awareness
  2. Phonics
  3. Grammar
  4. Reading fluency
  5. Oral Language/Vocabulary
  6. Spelling
  7. Reading Comprehension
Our facilitators have achieved excellent results with the program and are keen to deliver effective phonics training in order to help others do the same.
Our experienced team can help you to :
  1. Build a Whole-School consistent approach to teach reading.
  2. Train your senior students and create a Student Agency. Let students take charge, build their skills and take responsibilty to be the change.
  3. Implement the goals of National Education Policy 2019 of establishing basic literacy in your neighbourhood schools. Your school can become a LIGHTHOUSE ACHIEVER SCHOOL that guides others.
At Let's Read we believe in the power of children! Along with teachers, we train senior students and empower them to deliver the program along with teachers to the lower classes. This not only ensures success for older children and makes them better readers but gives individual attention to younger ones, creating a strong network and relationship in the school community. The driving motivation and common goal is to see children read smoothly and for pleasure, in a stressfree manner taking advantage of the direct, explicit progressive nature of the program.
Let's Read certification is a simple process with an economic fee. The duration depends on the trainer. After Let's Read certifies the quality of it's trainers, they can work independent of the company, to create a ripple of readers. After initial training cost, the trainers are not expected to pay any fee. We respect and support this independence as it ensures effective and unbiased synthetic phonics training with the children’s’ and teachers’ needs according to the respective community.
Let's Read program aims to create an enormous network of trained people who can influence others in their circle of contact. We aim to bring a social change as a result of our program and indirectly build better relationships and a stronger sense of human community.
Please write a short description of yourself and the type of community you wish to influence. Different communities have different needs and we hope to cater to each community's specific needs through our trainers. You will be required to pay travel expenses and a small fee for the trainer. After the training, you are free to fly and share your knowledge. However, you may not give any paid trainings without approval from Head Office.
No. Let's Read online training is for anyone around the globe. We are continuously growing. We will be happy, to help you, to serve children of your country. All you have to do is ask for help.
Each Trainer’s fees and expenses should be discussed with them on an individual basis. Their fee will depend on when your event is, what is required and travel expenses. On an average it is 25k for one school with 150+ primary students. (All of our Trainers have an active knowledge of using synthetic phonics.) Request for a trainer by contacting us. Write an email at- [email protected] or call 8500002144 in India
Not immediately. You have to teach the program with results for one year in order to train other adults for Let's Read.
Becoming a Let's Read Professional Trainer:
The following information will help you learn more about what it takes to be a Let's Read Professional Trainer. y.
Please judge yourself on these key criteria:
  1. Be an active experienced teacher in the pre-school / primary sector. You should have attended atleast 2 workshops on any topic. Our experience is that those who attend training events are better fit as Trainers as they know exactly what it’s like to be in training session.
  2. Have used Let's Read program for one year and are familiar with the components that make up the program. Attendees will want to know how all the components work and how they can be used or improvised on.
  3. Have used the Let's Read program with great success and outstanding results. Not only do you need to know the program but also how to get the best results possible, and your experience of doing so is the key to a successful presentation. Attendees will want to know how you did it. Many of the Trainers bring examples of their children’s work to demonstrate the progress. You should be able to answer spontaneous questions from experience.
  4. Be well-read on the current issues concerning the teaching of literacy and the various methodologies. Understanding the issues are important and knowing how Let's Read differs from the other phonic programs.
Let's Read Trainers are independent. In other words, they are not employed directly by us. All fees are paid directly to them by whoever uses their services.
Write to us to find an accredited Trainer. Please remember to ask for and see the Let's Read Certification.

The Basic Skills Taught In Let's Read:
  1. Children are taught the 42 main letter sounds. This includes alphabet sounds, phonograms as well as digraphs such as sh, th, ai and ue.
  2. Learning letter formation:
    Using different multi-sensory methods, children learn how to form and write the letters.
  3. Blending:
    Children are taught how to blend the sounds together to read and write new words.
  4. Identifying the sounds and breaking big words in syllables (Segmenting):
    Children are taught the 26 main letter sounds first and then the remaining 18 in a progressive manner
  5. Tricky words:
    Tricky words have irregular spellings and children learn these separately as sight words.
If you would like more information on using Lets Read Phonics in the classroom, including training courses and online learning, please write to us.
The literacy skills taught in Let's Read Phonics are reinforced and built upon with workbooks and hands on activities in a reading kit. These include essential grammar and spelling skills.

Let's ReadSocial Impact

Let's Read not just helps children read, we engage and support single mothers, troubled adults, college dropouts and school drop out students by training them to develop life skills. They also undertake phonic training to make materials for the Reading Resource Kit. These employees, earn extra income, gain confidence in their communication skills and slowly get trained to become facilitators. These adults are encouraged to start reading classes in their neighbourhoods and promote literacy.

Asma Zaidi

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